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Basic Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is one of the most popular table games found in online casinos and this game is relatively easy to learn. By understanding the basic blackjack rules, even new players will be able to place cash wagers and enjoy the thrill of winning real money.

Blackjack rules are fairly simple and with a little practice, players can develop their own strategies to increase their chances of winning at the blackjack table.

Basic Objectives of Blackjack

Players should first know that they will not be playing against other players. Blackjack is played against the dealer only. The goal is to have a better hand than the dealer without exceeding the value of 21 as a total of the cards. Any amount over 21 will be called a bust and players will lose their bet. Many players will reference basic blackjack strategy charts to determine what action should be taken.

Playing the Game

Players will first have to place a cash bet before the cards are dealt. They will then receive two cards face up and the dealer will also receive two cards, with only one being revealed. Based on the cards that are dealt, players can choose to hit and receive another card or stand with the value they have. After all player action has ceased, the dealer will reveal the face down card. Casinos will have rules as to dealer action and most will require the dealer to hit on any value that is lower than 16.

Splitting Cards

If players are dealt cards that have the same value. They can split their hand o make two hands. This will require an additional bet. Players will then choose to hit or stand on both hands. Online casinos may have rules regarding splitting Aces, where only one card can be drawn if this pair is split and a Blackjack is not possible.

Double Down

A double down option will require a double bet amount and this is one the first two cards that are dealt. Only one card will be issued when players select this. This option is used when players have a strong 2 card hand and believe the one hit card will give them a hand to beat the dealer. This bet should be used with caution and players should consider the showing card of the dealer. Most players will choose this option when they have a hand of 11 and the dealer shows a possible bust by showing a low value card.