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Basic Craps Rules

Craps is one of the most exciting games featured in any casino and the game will attract players who are looking for an action packed experience.

For new players, this game can be quite intimidating, so learning the basic rules will be beneficial. Many online casinos will offer free craps games so that players can learn how the game is played and become comfortable with the betting options before they start to play the game for real money online. With free craps games, players will not win payouts but they will have a basic understanding of the game.

Craps Game Objective

The objective when playing craps is to roll a specific number after bets have been placed. To make bets, players will have to have an understanding of the odds on the table, since each bet will have various odds. If the first roll of the game is a 7, the shooter, or player rolling the dice will win. The second number rolled will become the point and the player will continue to roll until that point number appears again. If a 7 is rolled first, the player loses the bet.

Bet Types

There are many bets that can be placed on the craps table, but new players will benefit from playing the pass line. With this bet, a 7 or 11 will produce a win, but 2, 3 and 12 will lose the bet. Any other number rolled will become a point number.

Other bets at the table should only be placed after players understand the odds of those bets. Craps is a game of chance, so there is no way to predict what number will be rolled. However, when on a lucky streak, the game can be extremely rewarding.

Play For Free

Since there are so many betting options at the craps tables, free games will be the best way o learn how to play. Many of these games will come with tutorials that will walk players through the betting process and explain odds. It may take some time to master betting, but with time and patience, free games can offer players a great advantage when they start to play for real money.

Most online casinos will offer these games so that new players will have some practice time before risking cash online. Craps is a knowledge game and players will always have to know when to place certain bets and when to play it safe at the table.