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Online Keno Tips

Keno is a specialty game that is featured at many online casinos, offering players a non-traditional way of winning cash in a casino setting.

This lottery style game is fun and exciting and offers players may different betting options. Keno is a game of chance and is a very simple game to play. There are very few rules and strategies in play, so players who are new to online gambling will find this game one of the easiest available. Online Keno can be played for different denominations to suit the casino budget.

Avoid Combination Bets

When playing Keno, there is no way to predict what numbers will be called. Even if a number hasn’t appeared in the past few games, this does not indicate it will have a higher probability of appearing in future games. Players should not rely on game combinations to place their bets. The previous results of games will have no bearing on the results of games to come. This is a random game and there is no way players can foresee what numbers will be called.

Finding Maximum Payout Keno Games

The pay table of a Keno game will vary per casino and some sites may offer larger payouts. When choosing an online casino to enjoy Keno, make sure the site offers the best possible payouts. This may take some time to compare different casinos, but it will be worth in it in the long run, especially for players who plan to play multiple games.

Use Free Keno Games

While there are no proven strategies to playing Keno, some players will wish to experiment with number combinations. Many online casinos will offer free Keno games for just this reason. With these games, players will not risk real money, but will have the time to create a betting strategy they feel will improve their chances when playing for cash.

Pay Attention to Keno Odds

Many players who are new to Keno will start by playing the maximum amount of numbers. Doing this will reduce the payouts as the odds of winning will decrease with each additional number played. It is suggested to play 5 or 6 numbers for the best possible payouts. The chance of winning are not altered by the amount of numbers played, but the payouts will be less with more numbers. Most players who have experienced online casino will agree that fewer numbers are the best bets and players should always start with small denominations and increase bets as they win.