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US Casinos and UIGEA

Many players from the US are under the assumption that all online gambling activities are illegal. While this statement is partially true, players will still be able to access great online casino sites and enjoy the cash games that are supported. When choosing a casino, it is essential to ensure that the site will accept cash players from the US and will offer the services needed for a positive experience.


UIGEA was an act that was passed by the US government in attempt to stop players from accessing cash gambling sites online. The act does not actually state that layers cannot engage in gambling activities. It does however prevent some cash transactions. Under this act, players cannot use a major credit or debit card to fund any casino account. Banking establishments and credit card companies cannot process any of these requests and this forces players to find other ways to add cash to a casino account.

US Payment Methods

Since laws prevent the use of credit cards in online casinos for US players, these players will have to seek out alternative methods to conduct cash transactions. There are a number of safe and secure ways to make casino deposits and withdrawals, including the use of prepaid cards and electronic payment services. Both of these methods are easy to use and will allow players from the US to enjoy the many cash games that can be found online.